About Us

Cairo Cosmetics is an affordable skincare brand with a touch of luxury. I started this brand as my 9 yr old son wanted to contribute something to our house hold, Cairo has always seen me work for multiple luxury skincare brands in high-end stores so it was a no brainer he chose skincare. I realised a lot of my clients in the past felt the prices were overpriced or didn’t quite fit into their budget, but really wanted to enjoy the richness of the products which were selling in these stores. So I said to Cairo one day I would make our own brand that had all the ingredients of luxury but at affordable prices and that’s when Cairo Cosmetics was born it was only right I named it after the person who means the most to me. His products cater to everyone and every skin type. Thank you for your interest in my son’s upcoming skincare brand I hope you love your experience and purchases, just as much as we do.. here’s to the start of something amazing! lots of love from myself & Cairo x